Which trust level is required for DiscourseHub

When I’m trying to connect to the PyTorch discourse using the official mobile app of discourse for iOS (DiscourseHub), I’m getting the following error message:

Authorize application access
Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API

Which trust level is required for me to be able to follow discussions in my mobile?

Trust Level 3 is currently needed to generate user API keys.

Would you consider changing this to level 0, like other projects do? Examples: tensorflow, huggingface. That would make the forum more accessible.

No, I don’t think Level 0 would be a good option due to the spam bots we are already dealing with. We can discuss using Level 1 or 2 maybe.

I understand the problem with the spam bots, we have a trade-off situation here between making the community more accessible vs requiring less maintenance. An other community seems to have had the same problem. You might argue that TL1 is relatively easy to be reached, but I’d propose to allow the user api usage for it.

@ptrblck can you enable trust level 1 access to the user API, please?