Which version should display under preview nightly

Hi all,

If I want to use a function 2 norm of matrix that’s already finished developing. But it’s not in a stable version. So I followed https://pytorch.org/ and installed the preview nightly version. Under this situation, I still can’t import and use this function torch.linalg.norm. The error is AttributeError: module 'torch' has no attribute 'linalg'. Is there other steps I need to follow to install nightly version and use the function? Should I see print(torch.__version__) dispaly 1.7.0 if nightly installed successfully?
Thank you all.

No, you should see 1.7.0.devYYYYMMDD.
E.g. torch.linalg.norm is available in my local nightly installation using 1.7.0.dev20200830, which is approx. a month old by now.
I guess your nightly installation wasn’t working properly, so you might to reinstall it.

The last version is shown in Anaconda in Windows:

Is there any way to know the Compute Platform in Windows-based systems?

I don’t know what the “Anaconda Navigator” finds, but the latest nightly conda binary for Windows can be found here and is 1.9.0.dev20210319.
Are you unable to install this version using the terminal?