Who's Running LibTorch 2.X on Mobile?

Hi everyone,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone in the community has managed to get LibTorch 2.X up and running on iOS or Android. I’m currently working on a project that could greatly benefit from this, because currenly our researchers have to install an ancient version of pytroch (1.11), for the scripted to run on pytorch mobile.

It’s borderline comedic that the latest PyTorch Android API (2.1.0) popped up on MVNRepository just a month ago, yet for iOS, we’re seemingly stuck in the dark ages with Cocoapods still at version 1.14.

Can anyone share insights on compiling Libtorch 2.0 for iOS, or getting it uploaded to Cocapods?

If you’ve successfully implemented LibTorch 2.X on either iOS or Android, I would love to hear about your experience, any challenges you faced, and how you overcame them.

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On a second note, I might just consider using ExecuTorch for sustainable, long term working solution that supports Pytroch 2.0

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LibTorch-Lite-2.1.0 seems to exist. It was just not appearing in search on https://cocoapods.org/