Will the future of Pytorch soon officially support JavaScript and Java window?

I know we have ONNX, but it does not truly support a lot of functionality of Pytorch.
I heard Tensorflow officially does not officially support ONNX and officially Javascript by themselves.

In Pytorch, I don’t think using a Backend in C++ or backend in Python for web development always works.

I hope it will be true by the Facebook team or Pytorch for Javascript, Java in Window, and other languages( maybe using torch.jit.

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There is no current work that I am aware of to try to add a javascript or desktop java frontend.
You can check this issue that talks about it: https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/25091
But no core dev is working toward that afaik.

But as mentioned in the issue, there is already a third party rust binding so I’m sure you can create one for js/java if you want to. We would be happy to answer any question you might have if you try to do that.

I just want to make sure. If my window is window 10, does it mean I can do Android development with Pythorch and Java backend(Servlet or Spring) in window 10 with Pytorch? I tried to install the PyTorch from the website, it does not have an option for Java.

I am not sure that it would help as we only have binaries for android/ios.
You can find the instructions here: https://pytorch.org/mobile/home/

It’s possible to use the C++ API from Java using the JavaCPP Presets for PyTorch:

It’s not a high-level Java API, yet anyway, so a lot of it isn’t actually nice to use from Java, but it’s usable, and doesn’t require Python, so it’s appropriate for applications in Spring and what not.

Thank you for answering.