Will the official Docker image be deleted?

Given the recent announcement that many Docker Hub organizations will be deleted, will pytorch/pytorch be affected? It doesn’t show the “Sponsored OSS” badge.

Thanks for forwarding this information.
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Interesting part from the post:

If the project you maintain is owned by a foundation like the CNCF or Apache Foundation, you may simply be able to apply to Docker’s program.

I don’t know if the PyTorch foundation would meet these requirements.

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Please note, that for a while images has been published both both to docker.com as well as on https://ghcr.io/pytorch/pytorch


We applied for and got accepted to the open source program for the pytorch organization on Docker Hub a while ago. As well the pytorch organization on Docker is now covered under Meta’s enterprise license so that may be why we are not showing the Sponsored OSS badge anymore.

We stay committed to publishing on all container registry platforms we currently support.

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That’s good to know, thanks!

Really? The link gives me a 404 and a docker pull ghcr.io/pytorch/pytorch a “denied” (I have authentication to ghcr.io set up).