Would Pytorch move from Github to Opensource/libre code hosting repo?

Is it possible to move Pytorch code bases to opensource code hosting repository instead of using proprietary ones.
What do you think of it Pytorch, I need your answer…?
Any plan?
What do you think of it?

What do you think would be the benefit of moving the complete repository?

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As opensource pytorch moving to open source hosting repo.
We would be at least more closer to freedom than using any proprietary platform that is also bounded by extreme laws. Except freedom feature is more or less good than Github.

I’ve seen big free/opensource projects like debian like projects are both available to gitlab and github too. I am thinking if our Pytorch would make that decision too.

I was recently got to know FSF and its philosophies, GNU Ethical Repository Criteria Evaluations - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation . Although gitlab is not too pure opensource but except gitlab with FOOS philosophies are less or not yet developed. (I do not work with any of these)

What do you think of it? Would it be possible?

I hope you would understand what I am trying to say.

I’ve found Gitlab and Github too does that.

Github is more about Politics than Opensource/freedom.