YOLOv4-tiny size mismatch error

I’m trying to create an object detector with YOLOv4-tiny and I got the weights and cfg file from the below links.


I get an error while loading the weights to Darknet model.

How do i resolve this?

Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately I don’t know how to resolve this issue as I’m not familiar with your code, but the error is most likely raised by the view_as operation, which tries to view the parameter in an invalid shape.
You should thus either fix the slicing operation on weights or the conv_layer.weight shape.

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Hi @ptrblck,
Thank you for ur reply. Yeah right, the issue was due to invalid shape because of a bug in the architecture. Now it works fine.
Thank you.

Hi @ajaykumaar ,

I am facing the same issue. Could you please explain, how you solved the problem?
Thank you.