You need to specify the dataset ('--dataroot')

How can I add a path in this form? Is it in the parameters here or do I need to write some code below? How does it work?

parser.add_argument('--dataroot', required=True, help='path to images')

parser is used to grab the arguments you pass to run the script from e.g. a terminal:

python --dataroot /my/path/to/images

This will add the provided path to args.dataroot after you’ve called args = parser.parse_args().

Can you help me instantiate and write the code? I don’t know how to write the format of the path. If my path is ‘F:\MADAN’. Do I need to use ‘default’?

I’m not sure what default refers to, but you should be able to pass the path as given in my example.
If that doesn’t work for you, you might need to add two backslashes, as a single backslash might be interpreted as an escape sequence.

I still do n’t know where the path should be added?Is it written like this?

parser.add_argument('--dataroot', /path/to/images, help='path to images')

The parser.add_argument call should be inside your script (e.g.
Now you would execute this script from a terminal via:

python --dataroot /your_path/

Thanks for your method. Can be successfully run on the terminal. Is there any way to run on python IDE?

Depending on your IDE you might have some run options, where you can specify the arguments which should be passed to the script before execution.

I probably understand. Thanks for your help!