Your installed version is: not available

While I made installation to the required packages, the torch, einops, etc are properly installed. However, the OpenCV and tensorboardX packages cannot be installed well.
It shows that the environment is inconsistent and displays some packages causing the inconsistency. Then it takes a long time for solving the environment but at the end, it shows the message “Your installed version is: not available”.
I first installed the anaconda 2022.5 version but I installed again the anaconda with the 2021.11 version from the beginning but I can’t install these OpenCV and tensorboardX.
Any suggestions and comments are warmly welcome.
Thanks in advance!

Are you using a new and empty conda environment while trying to install these packages?
If not, create one via conda create -n env_name python=3.8 and try to install them there.
I’m not a Windows expert so I don’t quite understand why the conflicts show OSX packages.
Also, I don’t think you need tensorboardX anymore, as the “standard” tensorboard should also work. Try to install it and see if this might help resolving the conflicts.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion, Sir.
I’ve also another environment and in that env, I’ve found the previous problem of CUDA is not available.
But now, I created one new env and I install some necessary packages. After that, I found the cuda not available problem like previous. At the same time, I remember to restart the machine as you suggested in my previous post, then cuda becomes available.

For the tensorboardX, I’m trying without it as you suggested.

Thanks again for your advice.