Bert pooler layer not calculating gradients

I have my model as described below. While I was trying to check the gradient flow using this pytorch post (Check gradient flow in network) , i discovered that some of my parameters gradients still have NONE value. After little debugging, I got to know that following layers have None value : bert.pooler.dense.weight, bert.pooler.dense.bias .

I am not sure how relevant it is for pooler layers to learn gradients.
This is my model :

class EntityModel(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self,std_gaussian=0.1,with_noise_layer = True, dropout_layer=False, dropout_prob = 0.3):
        super(EntityModel, self).__init__()
        self.std_gaussian = std_gaussian
        self.with_noise_layer = with_noise_layer
        self.bert = XLMRobertaModel.from_pretrained(config.BASE_MODEL,output_attentions = False, output_hidden_states = False)
        self.dropout_layer = dropout_layer
        self.dropout_prob = dropout_prob
        if self.with_noise_layer:
            self.noise = GaussianNoise(stddev=self.std_gaussian)
        if self.dropout_layer:
            self.bert_drop_1 = nn.Dropout(self.dropout_prob) 
        self.out_tag = nn.Linear(768, 2)
        self.softmax = nn.Softmax(dim=2)
    def forward(self, ids, attention_mask):
        outputs = self.bert(ids,
                            attention_mask = attention_mask,
        if (self.with_noise_layer):
            noise = self.noise(outputs[0]) # 256*768
            if self.dropout_layer:
                bo_tag = self.bert_drop_1(noise)
                tag = self.out_tag(bo_tag)
                tag = self.out_tag(noise)
            if self.dropout_layer:
                bo_tag = self.bert_drop_1(outputs[0])
                tag = self.out_tag(bo_tag)
            else :
                tag = self.out_tag(outputs[0])
        softmax_prob = self.softmax(tag)
        return softmax_prob,tag

Edit: I checked this with a simple XLMRoberta with a linear layer on top but still it gives None gradients for the pooler weights and biases

Could you check if bert.pooler.dense.weight and bert.pooler.dense.bias have their .requires_grad attribute set to True?
If so, then I guess these parameters are not (always) used and you could check the forward method of your model to see, if some conditions are used to skip these parameters.

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@ptrblck , Thanks for the reply. yes they are True . I checked the code for Roberta Model which XLMRoberta Overrides and they have a parameter to skip the pooling layers. But wanted to understand the significance of pooler layer. Wouldn’t this be a mandatory thing if I would have used this model for a task like sentence classification? And it would not be good in that case if gradients are zero, right? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I don’t know as I’m not deeply familiar with the model architecture and would recommend to check with the script authors or check the reference paper to see if these authors (assuming the repository wasn’t written by them) would explain this logic.

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