Help with CUDA memory allocation during forward Linear

Hi I am currently working on some profiling of my model and I have some question about memory allocation with torch.
The code I am using is :

device=torch.device("cuda:0" if torch.cuda.is_available() else "cpu")
xQuery = torch.randn(1,259, 259,128).to(device)
xFocalMaps=[torch.randn(1, 259, 259, 128).to(device), torch.randn(1, 130, 130, 128).to(device), torch.randn(1,65, 65, 128).to(device)]
qkv=self.qkv(xQuery) # LINEAR(123,3*128)
with open("MySnapshot.pickle", "wb") as f:
     pickle.dump(s, f)

I will describe it quickly
→ XQuery a float32 tensor (1,259,259,128) so allocated memory is 4*128*259*259 / 1024**2 = 32,8Mb.
→ XFocalMap 3 float 32 tensors of different shapes (I will give direct size result) of size [ 32,8Mb ; 8,3Mb ; 2,1Mb ].
→ self.qkv is Linear layer (as it is already initialized it is already allocated in memory)
→ thus self.qkv(XQuery) will give a (1,259,259,3*128) float32 tensor = 98.3Mb.
I use preforward and postforward hooks that print the cuda allocated memory in console, and I use memory snapshot as you can see in the code.

   layer_idx  call_idx layer_type       exp hook_type     mem_all  mem_cached  mem_all_diff  mem_cached_diff
0          1         0     Linear  baseline       pre   81.884766        90.0      0.000000              0.0
1          1         1     Linear  baseline       fwd  188.272949       210.0    106.388184            120.0

This is the result given by the hooks preforward and post forward of self.qkv(XQuery) : the difference between Pre and post allocated cuda memory is 106,4Mb > 98.3Mb.
This means that the result of self.qkv(XQuery) produces a 98.3Mb tensor and… something else which is 8.1Mb.
Using the snapshot of the memory I get the following allocation scheme :

This picture shows the allocation of each XQuery, self.qkv(XQuery), XFocalMaps and my “somethingElseObject” of 8.1Mb in orange.
Do you have an idea of what it could be ? What else other than the output is saved in the memory during the forward operation ?
Thank you for help

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The default cuBLAS workspace size for sm<90 uses 8.125MB and is initialized here:

(4096 * 1024 * 2 + 16 * 1024 * 8) / 1024**2

Thank you for your help !!


I have a follow-up question regarding the cuBLAS workspace size. When I observe GPU memory usage during fine-tuning a BERT-large model, I Initially observe the expected 8.125 MiB allocation for the cuBLAS workspace on my GPU. However, after completing the first forward pass in the fine-tuning process, I noticed an additional 8.125 MiB being allocated, resulting in a total of 16.25 MiB for cuBLAS workspace memory usage.

Could this indicate that the cuBLAS workspace size is dynamically adjusted during the fine-tuning process? If so, what factors might contribute to this increase in the cuBLAS workspace size? Your insights on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!

PyTorch uses thread-local cuBLAS handles and creates a separate thread for the backward pass, which will thus allocate the workspace again for the backward cuBLAS handle.

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Thank you for your swift and informative reply!