How to measure test coverage?

Is there a good way to measure how much test coverage test/ provides?

It seems someone asked something similar and got no response here: How to get a full coverage report of tests?

@ptrblck, you seem to be the go-to person for this – do you know where I can start?

I don’t know a good answer right now, but the idea sounds interesting.
Could you point me to some references, how the coverage is tested in other projects?
I know, that torchvision uses codecov for the PRs, but I’m unsure if you are looking for this approach or another one.

I tried to use coverage tool to get test coverage for torch source. And got 19% coverage which seems to be very low. Just asked question: PyTorch low test coverage

@ptrblck Do you know who might be able to help with this?

Let’s add @ezyang to it, as he might be able to give more insight or knows whom to ping.

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