Install -U --pre DOWNGRADES my cuDNN instae of upgrading them

I want to upgrade the version of cuDNN from 8.5 to 8.8 in my PyTorch venv.
cmd> pip3 list | egrep cudnn
cmd> pip3 install -U nvidia-cudnn-cu11
cmd> pip3 list | egrep cudnn
nvidia-cudnn-cu11 2022.5.19

Now I have my nvidia-cudnn-cu11’s version change to 2022.5.19, whatever that mean, and it also installed and even older cudnn based on cuda-11.6.

The PyTorch wheels ship with their specified dependencies and use the RPATH to link against needed libraries. If you want to update specific libraries, you should build from source instead with a locally installed CUDA toolkit and cuDNN libs.