nn.MultiHeadAttention attn_output_weights become the same during evaluation only

I used nn.MultiHeadAttention like below and output attn_output_weights during both training and evaluation:
class New_attention(nn.Module):
def init(self,num_heads):
super(New_attention, self).init()
self.multi_attn = nn.MultiheadAttention(3000, 5,dropout = 0.3, batch_first = True)

def forward(self, q, k, v):
    attn_output, attn_output_weights = self.multi_attn(q, k, v)
    return attn_output, attn_output_weights

The weights look good during training mode. However, when I perform evaluation with model.eval() and with torch.no_grad(), the value in tensor become the same:

size of q is (128,1,3000)
size of k is (128, 4,3000)
size of v is (128,4, 3000)

Does anybody know why?

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I have the same problem as yours but not the same, did you solve it?