PyTorch certification

I would like to ask question about certifications. As far as i know there is such thing as tensorflow developer certification. Is there something like it for pytorch? Thanks.

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No there isn’t anything like this.
All the tutorials are available online if you want to look at them :slight_smile:
There is also a free Udacity course that seems related:

Hi @albanD ,
a pytorch certification will be really cool…
any upcoming plans ?

Sorry, no plans at the moment. Can you describe what you would be looking to leverage this for? More for your CV to show expertise or something else?


Showing expertise would be very useful for me. Is there a different approach you’d recommend?

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Same as tensorflow certification. Will be good on resume and also recruiters will have a much easy time hiring for pytorch experts as well…
Also i guess when a new certification opens up… alot more courses are created around it leading to more tutorials and easy for people to get started and be familiar with it.
I use pytorch heavily in projects and have used tensorflow as well… i think this can help gamify the whole learning process better…


Same as most IT certificates,

  1. make recruiting easier / quicker which encourages more companies and projects choose PyTorch over other frameworks.
  2. self-eval
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Ha, seems like quite a few people have had the same thought. I’d be interested for two reasons:

  • to showcase in CV as a validation (seems to matter to some people)
  • Very often an Organisation I’ve worked for told me to get a certification (e.g., AWS) because it matters to clients who use that technology. I can’t imagine that being the case very often though.

What kind of training volume did you have in mind? I have 1 and 2 day workshops for introductory level PyTorch, and specialized topics like low-level optimization, application areas (eg Recommender) etc. I’m looking at making a consumer offering there.

Sometimes recruiters are non technical and rely on certifications to evaluate candidates. When you don’t come from statistics/computer science, don’t have a Msc or PhD in the field these certifications provide opportunity. Recruiters don’t know the quality of non official certifications, that’s why Udemy certifications aren’t enough

Hey Folks,
I am actively investigating the cert and may reach out to folks to get feedback on the requirements. Let me know if anyone is interested to chat live on this topic…


Hi @jspisak, I am definitely one of the folks that will be interested to get some sort of certification for PyTorch.

I believe ML/DL practitioners is coming from all kinds of educational backgrounds, it will be very useful to have some sort of “exam” for people to strive for as part of their upskilling milestone.