PyTorch certification

As a DL instructor with an emphasis on preparing students for job placement after graduation, we focus on TensorFlow because it can lead to differentiating between the readiness of a graduate from one bootcamp or another

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Tensorflow certifications conducts its test in pytorch framework,
Isnt TF certifications enough ?
Sorry not arguing but challenging +ively !


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Created account to add up to everyone here. We all need the certification :heart:
Please make it happen :pray:t2: Would definitely take it.

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As a DL engineer I’m also interested in PyTorch certification.

+1 for PyTorch cert :wink:

Both for self-evaluation and job applications I would love to have a certificate.

Wow, unbelievable.
In China, most students think almost all certifications about computer is useless.
Most companies and research insititutes don’t recognize them also.