PyTorch certification

Hello. Would you like to post any updates if you have?
I have not seen any positive or negative response and it makes it more misterious.

If still needed, I would happily opt for live chat or any form or user research for this regards.

This one goes back a ways - I’ve had 2 different jobs and PyTorch is now in a Foundaion since it was kicked off… :smile:

In all seriousness, I think the Foundation folks (LF) are looking a certification. I can ping the steering committee and see where we are on this…


Is there any official certification for PyTorch that can help beginners/intermediate-level programmers get certified to show potential employers for jobs or professors for research skills?


A lot of us are running into a “Catch 22” situation , trying to breaking into machine learning from either data engineering etc, Rigorous Certifcations that are worth something and in demand set a goal for us to achieve. While there are great tutorials out there , they dont cut it when it comes to recruiters…
a lot of great sentiments on this thread… Please make this happen ,


I am trying to break into ML from construction site and i started my AI studies year ago, so that official certification (like in case with TensorFlow) is something i would be able to achive right here right now and put on my CV. Plus self-evaluation is a big factor especially for someone who wasted last 10 years of his life operating a crane :slightly_smiling_face:
Please make it happen

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+1 for Pytorch certification, I have written more then 90+ kernels in pytorch => Ashish | Notebooks Expert | Kaggle with currently 368 rank in Kaggle notebook, but recruiters wont see this, they need certification and also for my self evaluation how much I know pytorch deeply, requesting the certification in 2024.


Acquiring a PyTorch certification would undoubtedly prove invaluable for several reasons. From our standpoint, it not only instills confidence in recruiters regarding our proficiency but also reinforces the credibility of PyTorch. A formal certification is a compelling incentive for individuals to choose PyTorch over TensorFlow, contributing to the platform’s recognition and adoption within the community.

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Is it in the works ? ETA ?

Maybe start with Developer Associate then to Developer Professional ?

That way people who are supporting teams who do the majority of the developing with PyTorch can have decent understanding/knowledge on it.

Now that TensorFlow’s one is phasing out, a formal PyTorch certification is more appealing than ever.

Hi @jspisak,
Is there a hope/probability for PyTorch Certification this year?,
Best regards!