PyTorch logo and documentation template usage in another library


I’m developing third party software with a goal to release it as FOSS (MIT license) on Github, strictly connected with PyTorch.

Is it okay if I use your documentation template provided here? I have changed the footer to Built with Sphinx using PyTorch's theme provided originally by Read the Docs. and removed any copyrights, stripped down some parts I will not use and changed the header a little bit, other than that it is almost the same.

Secondly, is it okay to use PyTorch’s new logo as part of this library/libraries? I would assume it is after asking permission (based on this thread), but it’s got quite a few months, anything changed?

If so, do you want me to include any licenses or notices if you allow me to use any/all of the above?

Pinging @smth regarding copyright/license inquiries.

yes you can use the documentation template.

Yes you can use the pytorch logo to represent pytorch as the product. As long as it isn’t misrepresented, we are fine.

@smth Came just to ping you with the results torchdata and direct link to documentation itself. If anything is wrong, hit me up, thanks for permission.