Random reboot during training


I am trying to train a model on a Ubuntu 14.04 with a Nvidia 1080 ti, Cuda 8.0 and Pytorch 0.4. I have never been able to train an 200 epochs. The computer reboots after a random time from 1 to 90 epochs.

I have investigated the problem:

  • It is not a PSU max power problem because the computer can run other programs (with pytorch 0.3) with its 4 GPUs
  • Overheating: I have ran a script that monitor nvidia-smi every 0.05s and when the crash occurs, the temperature of the 4 GPUs is 78°, 51°, 43° and 34° and their power consumption is 90W, 13W, 11W and 9W (when training on GPU 0)
  • I have also monitored the CPU and GPU memory utilization and everything is stable
  • I have experienced the crash when training on GPU 0 and GPU 2 so it is not a specific hardware issue.
  • Similar to Automatically reboot when set cudnn.benchmark to True I set cudnn.benchmark = False and still got the crash.
  • I was able to complete the training multiple times on another computer with the same hardware (except a smaller PSU) and Ubuntu 16.04 and Cuda 9.1.

One possible explanation is the one of https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch/issues/3022 large power variation causing crashes. I ran my program with a finer image resolution in order to have a constant 100% utilization of the GPU and I got a huge increase in power consumption (still with large power variation) but I experienced no crash. Since the crash appears after a random time up to 6 hours, maybe I have just not waited long enough.

Do you think this is the explanation ? The more Powerful PSU on this computer is in fact more sensible to power variations and shuts off. Do you think it is a software problem with Cuda 8 and pytorch 0.4 ?

Thank you for your help

EDIT: Add a plot the temperature for a training that crashed

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Did you ever solve this problem? I have a similar error where my computer restarts shortly after I start training. I have a 750w psu and only 1 gpu (1080ti) so I don’t think it is a power problem. Also, I did not see an increased wattage going to my gpu before it restarts.

No, I have stopped using that computer and used another one with Ubuntu 16.04 and Cuda 9.1. I never experienced a similar crash with this computer.

I think it was a specific hardware / driver / cuda compatibility issue.

I have a similar problem with a RTX 2080ti using cuda 10.1 and a 1100W power supply, it randomly crash after a couple seconds of training on the GPU.

I have same issues. check this link

Did you find a fix?