The memory location of tensors with the same content are different?


I run the following code in cpu and find that the memory location of the first x[0], the second x[0] and y[0] are different.


I think it is quite strange. If the x and y were python lists, then id() of the first x[0], the second x[0] and y[0] should be the same.

I am looking forward to your help.

The created objects are tensors not lists. Based on your code they are not referencing each other so the memory location is expected to be different.

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Thank you for your early reply.

I am new to PyTorch and I’d like to ask one more question. Why does the two y in the followig code have different locations in memory.

> import torch

The top and bottom y are all torch.Tensor([1]).

The first y tensor references x and shows thus the same storage, while the second y tensor holds ow memory and doesn’t reference any other object.